Science and technological developments are influencing the society considerably. School being the part of the society; it is but natural, that these developments would also affect school education. However, only a few fortunate teachers and students can lay their hands on recently designed learning resources. A majority of the teaching community in India remains ill informed of the technological resources useful for education. In order to overcome this problem a project on Developing Open Educational Resources specifically for schools is undertaken.

Educational Resources suitable for Science and Mathematics related to the content taught in grades 1st to 10th are being prepared in this project. These resources, made available free of cost at the website of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (, are such that they fulfil the demands of students, teachers as well as parents. In short the objectives of the project can be stated as follows:

  • To develop resources of high quality to cover grades 1-10 in three stages: primary, upper primary and secondary.
  • To design static and dynamic resources that enables high interactivity, applicability and transformability.
  • To prepare a variety of resources that would include basic and applied knowledge, lab and fieldwork, projects and assessment resources, experiences of experts, etc.
  • To design review processes and systems for accreditation of content for its quality, relevance and applicability.
  • To update educational services for enabling personalization, group- customization, localization and contextualization to achieve local progress.
  • To create cooperation movement for working together to design quality resources and to provide quality services based on these resources.
  • To develop self-supporting model for sustenance, up-gradation and increasing relevance of OER by bringing students, teachers, parents and subject experts together.
  • To undertake research and development studies for raising the quality and transformative value of the OER for development of new paradigm of school education.

The major outcomes of the project can be stated as follows:

  • OER consisting of sufficient teaching and learning materials for grades 1-10 with a variety of content and services accessible on the portal specially designed for OER
  • Process and system of editorial community for reviewing and accrediting the quality of the content and services.
  • Well-managed system of continuous development of OER and a portal with wider participation of experts and teachers continuously contributing to the resources.
  • Well-trained and qualified educationists and teachers who can offer quality services to schools and students for quality education and services. *Participation of society leaders, GO and NGOs in using OER in raising quality of school education and extending outreach of such services to remote and rural places.
  • Group of experts and organizations well trained in R & D for undertaking studies and development.
  • Self-sustaining process of continuous development of OER with resources generated or obtained from other agencies.